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What is NAVTEQ?

Posted on: 10 Jun, 2011

NAVTEQ maps provide a highly accurate representation of the detailed road network including up to 260 attributes like turn restrictions, physical barriers and gates, one-way streets, restricted access and relative road heights.

NAVTEQ digital map data offers accuracy, detail, reliability, and flexibility. Continuously updated to maintain its freshness and precision, NAVTEQ digital map data not only enables door-to-door routing throughout Europe and North America, it contains millions of Points of Interest (POIs), making it easy to locate everything from restaurants to hospitals and gas stations. You’ll find NAVTEQ data onboard most navigation-enabled vehicles produced in North America and Europe and on top Internet navigation sites.

It is the unseen force behind the leading express mail services, emergency and government routing plans, efficient field service management, as well as numerous fleet operations, worldwide. Plus, it is the foundation for a growing category of wireless, Location Based Services (LBS). For consumers. For businesses. For government. For everyone. Today. And for the road ahead.