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Garmin Custom Maps Review

Posted on: 15 Aug, 2011

Even with the multitude of handheld mapping products available, sometimes the best map for a specific area or event is in printed or electronic form. For example, you're planning a family hiking trip to a nearby state park, but you're concerned that the trail may not be well marked or easy to follow on the paper map. If only there was a way to put the paper map in your Garmin outdoor handheld.

Introducing Garmin Custom Maps — a free and simple process that transforms paper and electronic maps into downloadable maps for your compatible outdoor handheld device. Garmin Custom Maps are created using Garmin map drawing technology to georeference map images and effectively download a printed or electronic map.

In addition to providing safety and security on the trail, Garmin Custom Maps also offer practicality and convenience in everyday situations. For example, your daughter is off to college in the fall and needs to know her way around campus. The college website provides a detailed electronic map, but she can't use an electronic map while walking around campus. Solution: download the electronic map and create a custom map of the campus on her Garmin outdoor handheld. Navigating campus has never been easier.

Aside from the practical uses that Garmin Custom Maps provide, these customized maps can also be fun and educational. By downloading a map of an area as it once appeared, such as the St. Louis World's Fair map, you can go back in time and explore that area as it once was and as it appears today. Some of the buildings are still standing, so as you explore the fairgrounds, you can see the existing buildings and imagine those that are no longer there.

Whether it be a hiking trail, a college campus or a map from years past, with just a few easy steps you can have custom maps at your fingertips.

Compatibility Devices:
- Dakota
- Oregon
- Colorado
- GPSMAP 62 series
- GPSMAP 78 series
- Edge 800

Source: Garmin