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In The GYM with ANT+

Posted on: 10 Sep, 2011

ANT+ is the wireless technology that allows accessories such as heart rate monitors, speed/cadence sensors, foot pods and power meters to “talk” to your compatible Garmin device. Now ANT+ has gone a step further by allowing certain Garmin devices and accessories to link to fitness equipment. This unique technology allows you to bridge the gap between your indoor and outdoor fitness activities so you can track and store data even from a treadmill run or a spin bike workout.

Once your workout is done, ANT+ keeps on working. When you’re in range of your PC, your compatible Garmin fitness device can wirelessly send the data to Garmin Connect™ via the USB ANT Stick™. At Garmin Connect, you can analyze, store and share your data with a worldwide community of fitness enthusiasts.

ANT+ technology is designed to connect only one Garmin fitness device to a single piece of fitness equipment at a time. This means you’ll get only your data even when you’re in a busy gym. The compatible fitness equipment has a small area capable of detecting your device and/or accessory. At the start of your workout, you’ll move your Garmin device near the ANT+ Link Here logo and your device will show when it’s connected.

Compatible Devices: Forerunner 310XTForerunner 610 and Edge 800

Source: Garmin Intosports