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Garmin zūmo 390, Built for Bikers by Bikers

Posted on: 07 Nov, 2013

Garmin zumo navigators are designed focus motorcycle riding which is completely different than driving a car. zūmo is built for bikers by bikers, it constructed and tested specifically to meet the unique needs of motorcyclists.

zūmo 390 provides premium guidance from the world leader in GPS navigation. zūmo has industry-leading features, such as Exit Services, junction view, lane assist and TracBack®.

Weather is every biker’s concern. That’s why zūmo is built to withstand harsh conditions and all the elements, from pouring rain to freezing temps to the blazing sun. Gas vapors are a concern for any item mounted to your bike, but not for zūmo’s fuel-resistant plastics. zūmo arrives with a motorcycle mount to fit easily and securely to your ride.

When you hit an unexpected storm, you want to concentrate on the road, not worry about zūmo. We built zūmo to be dependable in any kind of weather. It even has fuel-resistant plastics – it’s built that tough.

zūmo's touchscreen menus were engineered with high sensitivity to allow easy operation while wearing gloves. Continual refinement to the technology has resulted in a display screen that is remarkably readable on the brightest of days and darkest of nights.

Connect zūmo with your compatible phone and Bluetooth-enabled headset or helmet (sold separately) and make and receive calls on the go – no need to remove gloves or gear. You can also hear clearly spoken turn-by-turn directions through your Bluetooth-compatible helmet.

*Lifetime map (LM) update of zumo series is not available currently in Malaysia

 Source: Garmin Official Website