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Garmin Tactix - Tactical GPS Navigator + ABC Watch

Posted on: 08 Dec, 2013

Garmin announced their latest GPS watch to their ever-growing cabinet of such devices – the Garmin Tactix. This GPS watch is aimed at the military crowd. Garmin Tactix builds on the Garmin Fenix which became available a touch bit over a year ago. But it isn’t the first Garmin watch to build on the Fenix form factor. Since then we’ve seen the Quatix (marine) and D2 (aviation) units pop onto the market – all variants of the highly flexible ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart combo platforms.

In many ways, the software on the Tactix is almost identical to that of the Fenix.  The Fenix contains about 95% of the software features of the Tactix.  It’s really the slight differences in hardware that differentiate the two.  They both have waterproofing to 50m, but the Tactix assumes specifications that more closely align it to a ‘Tactical Ops’ watch such as non-reflective surfaces including a curved mineral glass cover (the Fenix was mineral glass as well, just not curved).

Tactical GPS Navigator + ABC Watch

  • High-sensitivity GPS with automatic calibrating altimeter, barometer and 3-axis compass
  • Scratch-resistant, curved lens prevents reflection
  • Negative mode liquid crystal display with green LED
  • TracBack to navigate back to your starting point