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Garmin BaseCamp Review

Posted on: 15 May, 2011

Survey the Terrain

BaseCamp displays your topographic map data in 2-D or 3-D on your computer screen, including elevation profiles. Then you can view and rotate the maps from any angle. For the highest level of topographic detail available.

Plan Your Route
Prepare for you trip by creating waypoints and routes on your computer and then loading them to your device. Estimate the difficulty of your hike before you start with BaseCamp’s Track Draw feature to trace your intended path. Instantly view the elevation changes over your entire route. When your trip is done, BaseCamp shows an animated playback of your routes and tracks over time, so you can see where you’ve been.

Geotag Photos
BaseCamp lets you geotag photos — add a photo to any waypoint on the map — so you know exactly what the scenery is like at any given location. You can even transfer the photos to and from your Garmin device.

Transfer Satellite Images
With BaseCamp and a BirdsEye™ Satellite Imagery subscription, you can transfer an unlimited amount of satellite images to your Garmin device and seamlessly integrate those images into your handheld's maps to get a true representation of your surroundings.

Click here to download BaseCamp