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Garmin® Presents new nuvi 2565 and nuvi 2575R

Posted on: 11 Jun, 2011

June 7, 2011 - Garmin Corporation, a unit of Garmin Ltd., the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced an ultimate integrated industrial design in PC Show. The brand new nüvi 2575R and nüvi 2565 present GPS and Driving Recorder integrated design.

It lowers space between windshield and interior, reducing driving blind side. What makes it even better, nüvi 2575R supports Analogue Television and Rear Camera video in. nüvi 2575R is not just a GPS, but giving you a brand new navigation experience. Come to our booth and experience the flagship model at PC Show!

Integrated design
“Driving recorder provides video records while bumping into accident.” said Tony An, Garmin Asia Marketing Director. “It helps drivers back to accident scene and clarifies responsibility. But what is more important, driving recorder provides real-time evidence. Vehicle equipments have been increased along with technological progress. These equipments scattered in car may cause blind side. Garmin launches GPS and Driving Recorder all-in-one design to reduce blind side and offer a safer environment to our dear users. Moreover, use it as a personal assistance, recording any beautiful scenery on the road and share video files with your friends!” 

Safer driving
Adjustable windshield arm integrates GPS device and driving recorder, offering less driving blind side. Driver can adjust recording and watching angles. Plus, GPS device supports a recording real-time playback. Record and playback right away is much more convenient. Are you afraid of not seeing backward while parking? Thanks to Garmin nüvi 2575R and nüvi 2565 video-in feature in support of rear camera and video playback. Rear camera supports back up images, providing safer experience for drivers.

Furthermore, Garmin self-developed PC tool software provides significant information such as images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed.Garmin offers “point to point” comparison innovatively. Click track information to view correspondent image with relative position on map. Here comes a more efficient tool to compare data information. Garmin nüvi 2575R and nüvi 2565 support driving recorder. However, the feature is an optional subscription for nüvi 2565.

Portable entertainment 
5-inch high resolution touchscreen provides largest key fonts. Slim shape device presents you the best navigation effect. nüvi 2575R provides you an ultimate recreational experience with analogue television function. The navigation will not be switched off while watching analogue TV. nüvi 2575R once again proves itself not just a GPS.

 Meanwhile, Garmin is proudly presenting its latest range of products, nüvi 2565, nüvi 2465, nüvi 3790V in upcoming PC Show. Garmin will offer you a great value and abundant free gifts if purchasing new models during the Show!